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January 22, 2010



Happy Birthaversary. Love the drawing. Love Hugs and Blessing to you both

Catherine Denton

Happy Birthday AND Anniversary!! That is such a cool story. I adore your flamingos. Feel like I'm always gushing at your work but I truly love it.
Winged Writer


Happy flamingo wedding day!



Welcome back to Powersville, Tink!

Happy Annabirthary to you and yours~
What a great story, I mean GREAT! Now..........
why does it not surprise me that it didn't rain on your parade? Birthday "wish" power is strong stuff!
So happy that you were born, that you have love in your life and are surrounded with a growing flock!

Here's to Flamingo love!
I'm doing the Flamenco for you~

Hugs and congratulations from your friend,


happiness all around!
I do so love a good story
filled with love
and wonky weather,
don't you!


{{ power to the people, indeed!
i always wanted to say that too,
so now we BOTH have }}

PS--do pop in
and see my fav flamingo
on my new somepinkflowers television show.
i would have dedicated
the show to you
if only i had known
about your special day...

maybe next year....


I'm happy to see that power is on at your house again. Otherwise I would have missed out on reading that great story about you and....oops! I mean the flamingos! Your painting is so cute....I love the lampshade on his head. Ya gotta love a guy who can do that!!!


Fantastic Flamingi fiesta!!
Frolicing Power to the people!!! YES!!! Especially you! Hope you had fun and are not fatigued!


What a grand story!! Happy Happy Birthaversary!!

Powerless....oh brrrr, but yes...no disparaging of those power people, they hold it in their hands!



LOL Flamingi...you crack me up. Happy Anniversary you two! xoxoxo

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