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January 12, 2013



Ellie looks so cute all snuggled under her blanket. And the quilt is sure to be a hit with her when she gets a little older and can identify all the animals.

It's good to see you posting after all the excitement of the holidays and a new baby in the family.


It makes me cry with joy, your post dear Terri! Ellie looks so sweet wearing her "small version" of the big and beautiful quilt. You know when you added the part of your happy list about holding babies, this is a happiness I have never known but do believe that you are right. There is just something about birth. Once I witnessed a cat being born and that completely blew me away so I can just imagine feeling the life of your own babies baby must be over the top amazing and HAPPY!!
This is YOUR year! Happy 2013 dear friend! (Ellie's too)



Ok Terri,
I'm back. Do you remember when you wrote the post about your cats and you made me cry with laughter? WELL I just took a stroll through your 101 self portraits and YOU are so damn funny that I have tears running down my cheeks from laughter! I hope we can meet one day! I SO get your terrific sense of humor!!
Here are the ones that send me over the edge: it started with the Book of the Future to Lost I loved the signing Sorry but I Walk the Line sent me over the TOP!!
YOU GOT me good!! Then by Timeclock I was crying with laughter! I really like your Tinker paper dolls and ensembles.
So thank you for sharing for the best laugh! I haven't laughed so hard in a long long time!



Awwwww. A widdle beebee. So cute. Congrats grandma. xoxoxo


Oh LOVE this. Making baby blankets is pure joy and seeing the new little one wrapped up in it is the absolute best thing EVER!
Love to you all.

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