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March 08, 2013



The drawings are so cute! They tell a great story of adventure...seeing new places,meeting other cats, maybe finding true love. Who knows!

I like the quote from the movie. I haven't seen it yet but it's on my list.


Hello dear Tinker,
It is very sad to hear about your handsome cat gone missing. And your assessment is probably correct. My Coco and I will put out the good thoughts for him to find his way back into your arms. You may find this hard to believe this but it is true. When I was a little girl in San Francisco there was a girl in my class, Susan Graykowski who had moved to the city from upstate New York. When they moved, they left there large black and white cat behind. But guess what? The cat found his people all the way across the country!! I will never forget her mother telling me the story! And knowing this amazing creature.
I'm also saddened to hear of the loss of your friend.
So glad you have your therapy and share it here with us! Your cat has been havin' the time of his life~
One more thing. I meant every thing I wrote that day. The one thing that makes me think of you and smile every day is this: I brush coco with 2 brushes 2 times a day. She loves it. When I saw the thing in your breakdown of how you spend your time each day, that part about grooming your cats just really cracks me up. Now when I think of you, I will also say a pray for your romin' Romeo. May he return quickly or be cared for in a loving way.
So glad to hear of your thriving grandgirl and oh how lucky she is to have the magical grandmother she has!


Last time I went away (was only gone 1 week) Our cat Sprinkles went missing. Lee was home feeding and watering her.
Don't know where she went.
Totally understand how you feel. Your journal drawings are precious. If Romeo went to Washington chances are good he is around Pikes Fish mkt. LOVE


Love your drawings Tinker. I think you can bet your kitty is having the time of his life. Think what it would have been like if you had to stay home your whole life istead of making your own way. He is loving it, I'm sure. Sunshine, friends, meeeeses in the bushes, you know! At least he isnt up north in the snow. Cats are survivors! xoxo


1-- i DID get an email
from you
but did not open it ...

2--i adore your art*journals
than you can know ...


3--i shall keep a lookout
for your cat
as i go about
on my world travels ...
{{ what is
~~ roamin' romeo cat's name ~~
just so i might say it
to all cats i might happen upon }}

4-- as you never know ...

5-- XOXO


What fabulous, fabulous drawings and I hope really truly great therapy for you!

I especially like the cat diving the sled!


My beautiful bestest, most artistic friend...my heart truly goes out to you; I know very well what it is like to miss our furry friends. Your journal and drawings remind me of my own so many years ago when I wrote about "Stinky Pinky", I'm sure you remember her well.

I always keep in my heart, our little friends from years gone by...Coco,Josie, Killer (smile).

"If your heart is broken, you'll find God right there; if you're kicked in the gut, he'll help you catch your breath"...Psalm 34:18

I (heart) you Tinker! :)

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