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May 10, 2014



You are so sweet.
Love your hummingbirds. For sure I know Judie will LOVE them too.


I'm behind in commenting... but I do read your posts dear Tinker!


Terri aka tinker

Thanks for your sweet words, Gemma. Will go to the PO, tomorrow.
Caro, thanks for hanging in there with me!


Oh Ms. Tink. I am so pleased. BTW, does Madame Sylvia still live in your attic? I borrowed her name for a journal page I am doing. :) xo

Terri aka tinker

Yes, Judie -- she keeps her old carnival trunk in her boudoir, up there, lol. Would love to see your page.


Thank you! I got your Hummingbird painting. LOVE. I was sitting on the front porch watching that hummingbird sit there then zip up to the treetops. Now I have extra memories about that. Thank you!

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