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March 15, 2015



LOVE it Tinker. You are so creative it is great to see your sketches and painting again here on your blog. Sometimes it takes a nudge. Will have to check this book out myself. xx

Terri aka tinker

Thanks, Gemma. You're right, sometimes it does take a nudge (or occasionally a wallop ;).


Your drawings are always wonderful, no matter if they are your imaginary bunnies and meeces or tableware. If you are tired of pencil grey, try some w/c pencils. You can carry them with you and if there is no water available, well, you can, uh, ahem...not that I have done that but....

Loveya girlie. xo

Terri aka tinker

Thanks, Judie - good suggestion about the w/c pencils! The ahem, water substitution, not quite sure what to say about that, lol, but I'll keep it in mind...hopefully our drought won't be That bad.


Sorry I'm so late...love the sketches. Your art always has such a sweetness to it. I like the breakfast sketch. It makes me want to go make a pot of tea...wanna share a cup with me?

Terri aka tinker

Thanks, Janet - would love to have a cup or two, with you.

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