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August 13, 2006



Hey Tink! OK, you asked for comments, so...When I first opened the site I saw the Frugal Frigate but had no idea where it is, so I had to scroll down to find out it's in San Bernardino....right?....I think you should have a little opening paragraph that STAYS at the top for new people to know what section of the world they are looking at, and why. Because, as this goes on, that "explanation" that is now at the bottom of page one is going to be buried and who wants to scroll thru 50 pages to find out where this is and what this is all about?

Other than that, I think you have made an excellent start and I applaud you for even wanting to do this. It's quite an undertaking and you have to love your little corner of the world a whole bunch to want to preserve it and tell people about it.

I wonder if you could go before the City Council (or maybe just write) and ask them to link the City's main web page to your blog, so people could find these little places that they don't otherwise mention.

I wonder if you could call the local newspaper and get someone to do a "human interest" story on your blog...after all it's their city! The Sunday paper would be great! People sometimes skip the daily becuz of work and hurry schedules, but most everyone reads the Sunday paper.

Wow, that Arrow in the Mountain is amazing! You're doing great...keep it up! judie


I love your new blog. I am excited to visit some of these places next time we go on a local road trip!


Judie - You are so right - Doh! Of course I need an intro; I'll get to work on that pronto.
Jill, thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoy visiting our neck of the woods :)

Chris Flagg

Great blog, love the Huell Howserish feel.

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