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January 07, 2006



A reading nook! In a library! I love those, too. :)

One of my favorite places is Burkard Nurseries by my house - I like to go and wander through the rows looking at all the different kinds of plants and picking a few out to take home with me.


I am so happy to have happened upon your blog! Thank you for sharing your creative finds with us. Your talk of the library really resonated with me. I am 27 and just rediscovered the joy of my hometown library. It is one of the most exciting trips I make every week.. I get butterflies thinking of it! Anyway thank you for your words and I send you a healthy dose of encouragement on your Artist's Way journey, I am right with you sister!

In love and light,


i could live in a library. :-)

and that collage in color book looks really cool!


What a cool day--creative store and the library.

This is going to be an interesting journey through the Artist's Way--all the people I have 'met' so far are just what I was hoping for: inspiring.



Ditto what Kat said! A library or bookstore is my absolute favorite hangout (... although now bead shops and art/craft stores have started inching in too.) And yes, I'm convinced that I'm a librarian in a parallel universe as we speak.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the idea of checking out a new AW blog each day, because I want to follow them all, and of course that's not possible. One new one a day is doable, though ... what a simple idea (duh!)

What a cool site you have. I definitely need to look around in here :-)

Here's to the journey ...


My favorite places are bookstores (which my 4 year old calls 'libraries' lol!) and Starbucks. I'll bring a book into Starbuck and be there for 3 or 4 hours.

I would love libraries if we had cool ones like other states have but, Texas libraries SUCK!


Hey,Lauri, thanks for stopping by! I've seen your blog (very cool & thanks for the music!) & wanted to comment, but unfortunately, word verif. just won't appear for me! Anyway, I wish you had a neat library to go to - glad you at least have good bookstores - & Starbucks!


We currently have 52 books checked out of our library and I probably stop by there about 3 or 4 times a week... We have a great system where we can use the library catalog online and put books on hold that way, then have them transferred to our local branch for pickup.

My favorite place is definitely any coffee shop with bakery, accompanied by a book to read and while away some time.


Just to be different... I have to say that if I could live/work/exist anywhere, I would have to choose the outdoors. However... A library would HAVE to be close by (as would a bathroom & shower) Hahaha

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