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January 27, 2006



This is such a sweet, sweet story. You are quite the story teller too! Love your art and thought and spirit! So glad you are participating in MMM!


Yes, aren't our own personal stories worth telling and hearing over and over? Love that: "It's a redhead!", too funny!


Ok this is getting wild. My name is Terri and so is yours. I also have a redhead. And man is it wild how people carry on about a redheaded baby and how perfect her skin is. Ecerywhere we went for the first six months or more of her life somone would stop us and tell us how beautiful her skin and hair was. My baby turned 21 on April 2nd 2006 and has a 2 year old redheaded little boy. As she was in labor with him the nurse was asking us if we thought he would be redheaded. It was almost inevitable. As his mother, her grandfather and his daddys father were all redheads. Sure enouogh he was and the nurse told us so as soon as he started to crown... How wild is life Ninnie(Terri)


I was looking back through your blogs to see what pictures you had of me as a toddler up here so I could save them for reference for a project I'm doing. So I decided to read a bit of this. My own mother misspelled my middle name. The middle name you chose to give me. I feel so very loved.
P.S. maybe you should hire me to be your editor :P


Ok, I just read the whole thing, and it is very sweet. That almost makes up for the mishap :P

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