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January 20, 2006



I think this just means that you are working through these issues, so don't think of it as whining but working...

Hang in there, this will pass...

liz elayne

love this image of the rabbit hole in the mind...i appreciate what you say here and can relate.


I am fascinated by your ability to just grab hold of your inner dialogue and bring it out. That resistance is something I recognise now as being a pointer to something I do need to do (I hate that that is true, but it is - and I keep on having to be reminded of it, over and over). I was glad to see you over at my blog. What a path we are all travelling!


Synchronicities continue to abound in this group - it seems like no sooner does something pop into my head, than I see someone else is thinking along the same lines. In my mind I'm likening these synchronous ideas to a row of lightposts, lighting up our way, one at a time in turn, as we walk down the path - turn here...walk THIS way...look over there...lighting up the same scenery, so we each see it from our own perspective, that we can point out a slightly different detail to the others ("Did you notice the robin in that yard?" "No! I was looking at the rosebush!" "There was a rosebush! Did you see the butterfly?" I'm glad to be travelling this path with such observant & insightful companions! p.s. Imelda has a great idea about a gratitude journal in her post!


1.you're doing wonderfully.

2. you don't need to apologize for saying what's on your mind. i love to hear about your process...good and bad!

3. you are amazingly creative and i feel lucky to have you along on the aw journey.


I just wanted you to know I love the picture of the cat eye in the keyhole. It's really great!


I love your dialoge with yourself! It's great that you can recognize your resistance for what it is. :)

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