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January 13, 2006



Tinker, I love your posts with all their photos and links and visuals - they're so texture-y. I like seeing your collages and sketches. I love your writing voice, too. In short, I love your blog.


yep, lovin your blog too!! :-) and what great ad suggestions!! the toothbrush one cracked me up too. lol!!

i really loved your intuition collage, beautiful! and the pilgramage drawing, also lovely!

have a wonderful, creative, indoors, altar-building, mustache-drawing weekend. :-)


Thanks, Jill & Kat, for being so sweet!
p.s. BTW - I love both your blogs, too! Someday I'll figure out the typelists function so I can post my favorite blogs (like yours, if you don't mind)


Thank you so much for sharing this!


I love the way you have set up your blog; a great balance of writing and art. The art journal is great too. Thanks for sharing so many pictures; my favorite part of blogs.


""Make a portrait gallery of your friends." The next day's entry was to "Draw on whiskers.""

Hahahaha I SOOOOOOO have got to try that. Gonna add that into my next blog post to traumitize my friends reading it! *evil giggle*


I am pondering on my next Artist's Date. I am thinking of doing something with my camera, maybe. I like the idea of napping, though.


Hi, I just found your blog through AW and I'm concerned you aren't able to leave me a comment - so thanks for letting us know. I will change that feature. Also I want to say I really enjoyed your blog. I read through all the recent posts and I feel so uplifted.


Wonderful stuff! I think I need that Artist Date book - it IS hard to come up with things, especially in a smallish town. And the sketch book part about trying to figure out where to begin - it has to be a universal thing to feel queasy over the first few pages. I skipped until about the third page in my new sketchbook, and then didn't want to mess it up with anything stupid looking!

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