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January 05, 2006



wowzers!!! what an awesome day! yeah, the universe definitely seems to be tellin' you something. :-)


whoo hoo-- BIG delivery from the universe TO YOU! *smile*


I have alot of friends that are firm believers in the concept of manifesting. I am pretty convinced, as well. So glad you got the artists way and you can start 'the program'.


i'm with you on the positive manifestation. hooray for these wonderful things!


Wonderful! Stopping by to say hello and good luck on the journey of the Artist's Way!

Paint Chip

I popped in to say hi and to wish you well with your AW adventure. I've enjoy wondering around your blog and checking out your pictures.

I do a fair amount of altered art and paper works. So it was fun to see we have some interests in common.

Looking forward to continuing on the AW journey with you and the other talented people in our cluster!

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