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January 18, 2006



Absolutely - do what works for you! If it says 'write', you draw or paint or collage it. I hope you heal well and take care of yourself mindfully - I am loving your blog and find it fascinating!


I love the Tinker Around with the fairy is it? Yes, yes, if you are craving more visual art exercises - do that - go toward that. You won't be following off the path you'll be finding your path.


Mr Ed! That takes me back. When I was about 8, my parents sent me to 'Paradise Day Camp' (run by a friend of theirs) and we went on these cool outings every week. One was to the ranch where the real Mr. Ed was stabled. We got to go in and pet him and everything. I kept hoping he would say something to me, but he never did and I was so disappointed. It never occurred to me that he didn't really talk...lol...


i used to solve some of that art-making desire in the aw by taking myself on an art-making artist date. yeah, totally use the ideas in the ad book, it's supposed to be fun, whatever you're itching to do (which sounds like art-making!!) :-) i think i'm going on an art-making artist date this evening actually!

also, in future weeks we'll be asked to do some collages as part of the exercises, so it's comin!! hang in there! ;-)


Cameron's "sequel" to AW is Vein of Gold,, and is very much like what you describe in this entry. You might like it better than Artist's Way. It's similar, but different. :)


you are SO right! the excercises are so much writing and not nearly enough art-- I hadn't realized that til I read what you wrote!


nice tin!
and filled with so many goodies!
Thank you!!!

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