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February 01, 2006



Isn't it AMAZING how quickly blogrolling becomes a regular part of one's day???


Hahahahaha! That sounds exactly like me. I wasn't going to read bloglines all week, but well, one little peek won't hurt, just for a second, will it? And now it's Wednesday and I'm reading reading reading away like it's any old week. At least I'm not the only one. ;)


Thank God I'm not alone! I am just awful at this NOT READING thing. My husband found me reading on the couch the other night - the Universe is cruel, I received THREE magazines in the mail in TWO days - and said, "So what about not reading?" I answered, "I'm reading." He said, "I didn't understand how you could NOT read. It's what you do!"


Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone...Whew! Not reading is hard work!


I decided not to do the no-reading thing because I just refused to give up something that is so central to my life because someone just told me to...I've always been a rebel. Questioning rules is just in my nature.

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