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February 20, 2006



lol!!! this post cracked me up girly!! the collage is great and i'm so glad that it inspired you...

and guess what? you don't have to stop. make more, make more!!! in the book simple abundance the author suggests a couple similar exercises one is to keep a book of images that speak to you. just grab some magazines and start collecting, then maybe add some ideas and quotes to the mix. you'll have a great book of inspiring stuff that speaks to you! another idea is to make a "treasure map" in which you make a collage of your ideal life. first imagine your ideal life (house, job, pets, children, location, whatever and then look for images that fit your dream, then take a picture of you looking all radiant and put it in the middle. the idea behind this is that everything is created in the mind before it manifests in our lives. hmm, worth a try perhaps?


what a wonderful collage; Kat is right--don't stop! I'm reading the book she mentioned and to tell you the truth they are quite similar with their approaches.
Thanks for the hug btw for all 3 of me(I talk about myself in the third person too-it helps make it fiction)


I do love me some collage!!!

Yours is faboo! So glad it opened the flood gates of inspiration for you.

Laini Taylor

Love your enthusiasm in this post! Collage does the same thing for me -- there's nothing like a table covered with beautiful papers and fun images and glue and paints and all kind of fun little things. Sure to bring us back to the joy of making things we had as children. Once we start thinking of ourselves as "artists" it can be hard to find that playfulness at times, but for me collage is a good way!


This is awesome! Very revealing. I like the lady in the coffee, the frog and baby and flower...that little corner says so much...
I have not done my collage even though that is my favorite thing to do! One of them...I also like keeping up with my friends through comments.:) Have a great day!


My collage is still a work in progress, but I hope to post it soon. Yours is lovely, dear. So glad it got you all happy and excited. That's what we like to hear.

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