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February 24, 2006



teehee, i loved this post...the simpson quote, the gorgeous cactus and the fact that you are enjoyind dating yourself. that's awesome!! :-)


I love your quotes!


Chile Relleno?????? OMG I tasted that for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was like HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! I didn't think I'd like it, seeings as how it's a CHILI pepper, but I think I have formed a complete and total addiction now.

It would be kinda fun to buy a pair of shoes from somewhere cheap and decorate them myself! I may do that... probably will never wear them, but it'd be fun anyway!!!

Oh and I do the alternating deprivation-splurge thing too... tell myself no to a bunch of little things, then snap because i feel deprived and buy stupid things I don't need. Never thought of it that way though, so thanks for the enlightenment! :)

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