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February 03, 2006



This is one of my favorite submissions so far. I really like the colors, the hand, the writing; all of it! I was able to read what you wrote because of the size of the email, but I don't think others will. I think you should add a picture of just the text to the left of the hand to your pictures so everyone can read what you wrote.
My children are really into Winnie-the-Pooh right now and sometimes I grumble in Eeyore's voice too... :)!


I wish I could give you a big hug right now. It's so strange what this AW path is all about and discomfort and change is definitely a part of it. I think this multi media piece is wonderful and for what it's worth-- it didn't seem angsty at all. That's not what came through to me at all. I saw all the gold/yellow vibration at the fingertips and thought powerful energy and art.


I sometimes sing to myself, then catch myself when seeing folks give me that quizzical look, and spend the rest of the time looking at the floor...lol...


I can't sleep tonite either; feeling all turbulent inside too--stirring the pot sounds like whats up here---you'll find your way out---it's just the downside of the cycle.
the ebb and flow
oh and I love to whistle...
sending you a *hATU*

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