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March 26, 2006



YES YES me too-- I said, "12 weeks, I can't believe it"-- but hey, it's just the beginning, non?


Phred is a real individual, isn't he? Thanks for posting the ideas for Artist Dates. I bought gladioli bulbs last week. Time to plant them this week. I repotted my jasmine, (her name is Jasmine, of course) to give her plenty of space to grow, and grow, and grow.

Tickled Pink

I'm in love with Phred. How nice to have someone to share your thoughts with (giggle).

To answer your question, you've sparked my sense of wonderment. Your art makes me stop and think and pay attention to my own surroundings. Thank you.



Thanks Nicole :>)
Imelda, Jasmine's lucky to have you - Phred's in dire need of re-potting, but he's been in that pot so many years I'm afraid I might not be able to squeeze him out of his jeans without hurting him! Thanks for stopping by, everybody & making my Monday morning a lot happier :>)


I love all the suggestions and sharing Phred. I just went out and rescued my onions - the rabbits have been eating them - so I'm going to try growing them inside.


I just love working in my garden...playing with the foliage colors and shapes, the flower colors and shapes, the smells, the feel, everything. This is truly an artist's date...


I posted a comment under It's a Wild World. I love your blogdom! Jenny


Just talked to my mom who was on her way out shopping for a persimmon tree -- sounds like a good artist date to me.
Going to the zoo sounds like a marvelous idea right now -- I love our zoo, it's one of my favorite spots in Portland, and such a magical way to spend the day (as long as I avoid the primates, who are depressing in almost any zoo, San Diego excepted.) Thanks for the ideas!


one of my artist's dates the first time around was to a plant shop/nursery and i bought a plant there...wouldn't you know it, the plant turned out to be called a "prayer plant." :-)

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