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March 12, 2006



"Where do you draw the line" Oh, I love that. I submitted the topic "lines" for Illustration Friday a few months ago, but it has never been picked. I am fascinated by the idea of "lines" Sheryl Crow sings in Leaving Las Vegas, "there is such a muddy line between the things we want and the things we have to do" My mind is going faster than I can hunt and peck since I don't really know how to type. It is all interesting to me. People just honestly fascinate me how we are all different yet all the same. Based on our experiences, personality, particular time in our life...we are influenced by it all and that will effect the line in any situation for each of us. I wear mascara and lipstick, earings and something in my hair everyday because when I walk past the mirror I see me. That phrase always plays in my head, "I see me, I see me" when I am unmotivated to get dressed... seriously the only people who see me somedays are Ethan and Maggie. But when I remember, "I see me" then I do it for me because I like me wearing those things...
My rambling is done I think. Thanks for posting... you gave me a smile. Oh, and don't ever, ever feel like you are late with MMM. No pressure. Just fun...in a deep, serious, depressing kind of way at times...but creating art is always fun, right?


Just my thoughts....

You draw the line, I think, where it starts to feel like betraying yourself for others, instead of pleasing yourself. Some people like no makeup at all; some people enjoy a lot of makeup; most fall in between. Comfortable in our own skin or not, we still wear clothes - for comfort, protection from the cold, and to conform for others' sake. The question is merely - where do your motivations lie in doing it, and how do you feel about that? Are you "denying" reality, or are you just saying, "Yes, that is reality, but I like how my face looks with this makeup on."

Are you denying yourself? Or are you only presenting your best side, and having a chance to play with something not unlike paint?

(Me, I avoid almost all makeup, but that's because I'm fairly incompetent with it and my allergies render it a dangerous hobby anyway. There's nothing like covering up a small mole with...a large red allergic rash. Hee.)

As I said, just my thoughts; yours may vary (and good luck figuring out where to settle on them). You look nice in that photo - I love your hair - so bright and light and soft looking.


i'm so glad you didn't burn it. everything i ever put out there is imperfect. that's what makes it interesting and unique.

i'm glad that you were brave and posted your art, it's gorgeous! you are a fantastic artist!!

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