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April 20, 2006



whoa nelly! this post is chockablock FULL of one beautiful image after then next-- I can hardly take it all in. LOVED the poem--- and Tom Robbins is an all-time fave--


wow! this post was fun to read. i especially loved your ten things. "i pretended i was catherine deneuve" made me rock with laughter. (rock on, accordion dude. hope you bring it to the DMV, too.)

liz elayne

oh how much fun to be the third elizabeth in a row to leave a comment...
you have said so much here...love the poetry but i also really love your list...and the glimpse it gives into who you are...
and the accordian story made me crack up out loud in this little coffee shop i am in this evening - love it!


My lilacs are just about to burst into bloom and I am so excited about it. I love this post, it's so lyrical.

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