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April 02, 2006



Ooh, Terri, I want that book!! What a magical imagination you have. And even if a book like that, a faerie-dust jewel box kind of book with moving parts and music and cookies, maybe isn't totally possible, think of the fabulous books you COULD create. I hope you will! (thanks for participating!!)


I'm also in line for that book--I've never had anything "baked" in an Easy Bake oven!

I keep thinking that your book would incite a riot of empowered pre-schoolers. Your words make me think--Why has something incredible like that not been thought up before? WHY NOT?

No laundry allowed in the tree-top studio, either--the Keebler elves have branch-living cousins who are very territorial about laundry duty :).

Oh, and I loved your "Spoonful of Sugar" line!


I would buy that book NOW. Write it! Create it! What a post! I'm so glad you found Sunday Scribblings so that I could find you! I'm going to come back tomorrow and read MORE!!!


Me, too. Me, too.


Never before have I seen a dream so effectively captured on paper. Glad to find you thanks to Sunday Scribblings!


Your dreams have a wonderful feel of dimensions to them. Your descriptions are full and vivid. I too would love that book!

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