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May 20, 2006



Tinker, your story is sweet, and I LOVE your little apple core guy. Did you also paint the log or is that real? Such an imagination you have!


this is awesome.


This was great! I was totally drawn in to your story, and then I 'got' it, and it just made me smile! Very cute. (and probably true! hehe)



Very creative! :)

Paris Parfait

This is so clever and creative! Just brilliantly inventive and well done.


How fun! Very good and I loved the artwork (all of it). I love the Adam Eve take on the story. hehe


Nice take on creation story!


very nicely done!

Kim G.

Loved your story and how it shows we might not even realize we are "spending" our wishes. Very clever and creative! :)


Wow! What an intersting take on three wishes! That is food for thought!


What a wonderful story - I didn't see it as the creation story at all until you said so - but I liked the way they casually used up their wishes without noticing. I bet we've all done that sometime or another - is it too late now to wish we hadn't?

Your apple core person is great too - lots of personality for an apple!


I wonder how often I "wish" for something without even realising it?


what a great story! I thought it was sweet! I don't think anyone will be offended :)


No offense taken. What imagination and creativity. And a lovely picture as well. I loved it.


Your story is so inventive! I really enjoyed reading your words! Such interesting thoughts you have, speculating about wishes throughout history--you have the mind of a true artist!


I love your interpretation of the creation story. It was nice how it unfolded at the end who they were. Great way to tell the story, very creative!


I think your story was SO great. As an English literature major, I love when someone takes the familiar and turns it on its head or builds on it a little. Fantastic job!


Loved this--also your artwork. So happy that Sunday Scribblings led me here.


I guess that is what they mean by, "Be careful what you wish for!"

Great post and imagination!


I love your story...not the least bit offended. Well Done !

liz elayne

i love your take on this story...and your explanation of your thought that humankind has been wishing since the beginning.
beautiful writing.


Oh! This is fantastic! So much more personality than the other version...love it!


Too many of us take it all for granted, as I know I am guilty of from time to time.
It doesn't hurt any of to ponder what it is that we really want/need for our lives .What it is that really matters.
P.S. thanks for your comment earlier.I love your artwork; so cute!


Very clever!!! Your story is great!!!


Such fun! I love the innocence of it, a time when everything was new -- but the woman was still worried about inventing clothes! Ha!


What fun! I, too, only realised towards the end where you were headed with this story. A very creative take on this week's SS subject, thank you for your imagination :)


I love your story! It was very visual and your site is beautiful.
Thanks for visiting me! :)

ian russell

wonderful interpretion! is she still inventing the clothing? ;o)

ally bean

very clever. this sunday scribblings is such fun.

[thx for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. nice to meet 'ya.]


I liked your take on this story. Very entertaining.


I know I'm really late in commenting on this but...

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