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May 28, 2006



I love this - I expect the kiss was real!

I'm not feeling like writing about my first love - I don't want Jim getting jealous...

Paris Parfait

What a lovely sweet story - thanks for sharing those precious memories!


Oh, that is so sweet. I could see it. I can't believe you were only seven!



Every girl deserves such early sweet memories of romantic love! I love how many posts this week are similar in that they leave this lifelong memory in the heart as bright as sunshine. So glad you shared this wonderful memory Tinker!


Thanks for sharing this special memory.


What a sweet and lovely first love story!


I just had to say hi when I saw your comment on Blue Poppy's site - my first and most loved teddy bear was named Tinker! He still sits on my dresser today, 36 years old.


Gosh Tinker, that's so sweet. Now I'm in love with Peter too! Sigh

I was looking at your paintings. The Christmas House is so kewl...it should be a Hallmark card!

Judy Scott

Hi there Tinker Art, that was so beautiful, thankyou for taking time to visit me and leaving a message. The first message you talked about was from my son (he lives far away from me now)my family have always known about my past and are a huge support through my ups and downs! Hope to meet you again, hugs Judy x


what a sweet story--and at seven! WOW!

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