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June 10, 2006



What fun - your shoes are looking like they'll take you to magical places.


Very very kewl Tinker. Now that you have carried on what Kai started, everyone will have to have painted shoes. I know I will! LOL They are great!


And we can call our shoes...Kai-tinkers! Of course the shoes are going on my growing list of have-to projects. Admitting that I'm a Doofy...I* didn't realize what SundayScribblings was. I thought it was your thing! THen today I realized it is another challenge..so I thought what the heck..??!! so I am joining in on that fun! It is a great idea. I am feeling better again! ha Pam Aries

Pam Aries

heh-heh...Glad you got my mystery mystery! I went out of the box on that one just for fun! Pam Aries


Those are going to be so unique and prettie!! Just like U .:):) I cant wait to see you wearing those ..
Peace, Kai.

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