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June 25, 2006


Paris Parfait

So terrific learning about your early musical influences - many of which we share - and how music remains such an important part of your life. Lovely post!


What a superb story teller you are!!!!I look forward to your sunday Scribblings! I love Paris Parfait's as well! My big Dream is to travel to France! anyway..off track..hee hee Pam Aries


OMG I had a Bobby Sherman album! I think it's hard for women not to fall for musicians :) Lovely journey...Thanks


You have a way with words. It is amazing how music sits in our life. I love summer music festivals! How fun, they are. So "summer"! Where I went to college, we had one every weekend in our downtown park. So cool, to sit and hang out, hearing new an dold bands, watching people.



I asked for the Beatles album, HELP, for one of my birthdays. I really loved it and wish I still had it, but it got lost in the sands of time and many moves.


I used to sit for hours, listening to Beaux practice classical guitar - the soundtrack to our LOVE! He didn't have the temperament for it in the long run but I could listen to it for days - maybe I need to give that gift of music to myself. (20th century guitar, especially) Love this post!

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