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June 04, 2006



"...it's like measuring out a cup of flour, then trying to find the very first grain that was poured..." what a perfectly apt description! I love that line.


What wonderful, full and warm family memories! I would like to have a home like this, so that my children and grandchildren would have nice memories like you have. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Paris Parfait

Love the flour analogy. And what rich memories you have! Those baking and kitchen stories reminded me of my own grandmother baking and the delicious smells (and later, the taste). Very well written! And lovely photographs.

ally bean

what a delightful story full of charming memories. you remember so much. i don't.

although i do remember that one of our early kitchens was yellow and red and white which i thought was so fun. but my mother changed it to "tasteful" maple and white and gold. more practicasl she said.


Tinker, I loved sifting through these memories with you - your writing made me feel as if I was a part of it all. And the photos to go with it are precious-love how you scanned it.


Gosh Tinker, motor boat, motor boat, daisy chains, dandelion wishes. I had forgotten all about those wonderful things. Betcha caught fireflys and put them in glass jars too. Thanks for the memories!

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