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June 11, 2006



Gosh so many questions!

Do you ever come up with answers?

Paris Parfait

Beautifully written piece! And great quotes. So many mysteries which shall remain so - but I'd like to know about the Anasazi, Earhart, Pyramids, Great Wall - nearly all of the wonders you mention.


Oh, this was freakin' great! LOL!



Great quotes and a great read. I would like to know those too! Your digital art is fabulous!


I love all your questions -- and I see your point about mystery... by nature what is mysterious is... no longer mysterious once it is unveiled, no? But I disagree, I think. Even if we know how much a hummingbird needs to eat to sustain itself, is it any less beautiful hovering in the flower bed? Nature is so filled with wonders -- maybe that's a better word -- that do not become less wonderful for being understood. And think with the aliens, yes, some of the mystery might go away if we KNEW there was alien life and where but it would open up so many doors to so many NEW mysteries.! Here's another quote for your list: "I would rather live in a world surrounded by mystery, than live in a world so small my mind could comprehend it all." - I'm forgetting who that's by; an American minister... Oh, and I liked your question about bread. It's fun to wonder how things like that came about!


Tinker you make me laugh - all good questions and such fun to read!


That was an absolutely fabulous list of questions. and funny, too. You are the best!


I love your questions and the artwork to go along with them. I especially like the stopwatch.


Your questions have been skipping around in my mind for days, and every once in a while one will lodge and cause me to waft away on a tangent of thought. I love your grouping of all the most intriguing mysteries.


You know what Tinker? I would take intelligent life right here from any corner of our own planet to show up on the White House lawn these days. This was a fabulous post. So often I'm more satisfied by questions like you've posed here than any of the answers. I don't think I would want to know all the answers. I think too we're just not supposed to know it all. But I still hope somewhere along the way to have more answers than I do now.


So many great questions! Thank you for making me smile this morning. :)

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