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June 14, 2006


ally bean

Well put. It's a changing world-- and not in a way that pleases me.

I've always thought that "This Land Is Your Land" would make a better national anthem than the one we have now. I prefer the idea of group ownership and responsibility to geography than the idea of war and fighting as our country's theme.


Paris Parfait

Well stated! I agree with you. Thanks for this important message.


Very nice artwork Tinker. Is it pastel? I understand your thoughts. It happens here in Florida too only in a slightly different way. All the "regular" people's homes at the beach have given way to high rise condos and mansions. (I had to leave the beach 3 years ago becuz of!) Now, thousands of elderly have been displaced from their retirement dreams of a mobile home on the water even off the beach. Developers have/are buying up all the prime waterfront property (we have a LOT of waterfront here) and building high-rises. The elderly who planned their entire life for their "retirement" in Florida on a fixed income are displaced. They put their entire life savings on these mobile homes only to lose them now because the land is sold for millions. For their mobile homes (nice ones) they only get $3,000 for a single-wide and $6,000 for a double wide as "compensation" for having to move. Imagine getting $3,000 in return for $150,000 paid out just a few years ago. Where do they go? What do they do with the short remainder of their lives? They certainly can't start over. And the pockets of the developers just get more and more padded. And eminent domain?? Don't even go there. I will become outraged. I consider that the state can decide some day to build a new highway over my property, then I will be the same as those displaced mobile home owners, and I am well aware that "you can't fight city hall"... Well....you know...


I heard something here that outraged me recently... it was British winegrowers looking forward to global warming... how selfish is that... and how shortsighted as here we may get very cold if the gulf stream turns off... and I get outraged at the idea that gobal warming will be helped by building nucelar power stations... when the waste will then be a problem for so many thousands of generations to come....

Freedom for the individual is beginning to look like a high price for the planet...

And I LOVE being free too.

(And look what happens when you go political - everyone else does too!)


Wonderfully written!! It is such a travesty to watch commercial greed consume more and more land.
I am quite new to your site and first assumed that the painting was a famous work borrowed from a museum site...I swear! Wow are you talented! I going to look at more of your site/work right now.


Having just returned from driving a bit in the States, one of the things I noticed was signs reading "Farmers feed America", and I thought how very well they do that too. Along with admiring mountains, lakes and trees, I just loved seeing the evidence of food being cultivated, and seeing people close to the land. Please don't let them pave your paradise. It's so beautiful!

Daisy Lupin

Thanks for popping over to my blog and for the lovely comments about the photos. Notice we have at least two favourite authors in common, Alice Hoffman and Barbara Kingsolver, just finished reading 'The Prodigal Summer', wonderful book. Love the thoughts and feelings in the article above, roots do matter, we must remember where we came from and how it was. Keep on Trucking Love Daisy Lupin


Ally - thanks & I agree - this would make a better anthem (it would be a lot easier to sing, too)
Tara - Thank you! And thank you for posting an important message of your own, on a topic directly relating to
Caroline's comment. Caroline - you're so right, I've opened Pandora's Box, haven't I? This is just one of the many reasons why,I think I prefer to play the part of Switzerland here on the web, or I'd never get back to doing art...
JudieMacaw - Thank you! Actually this is watercolor with a little gouache & touch of acrylic if I recall correctly (trying to darken the shadows is what I'm remembering). Pastels are my first love, but I've had to almost give them up due to sinus problems (and I just can't draw with something like a mask over my face, I've tried - it throws me off completely!)
Susan, thank you so much (I'm blushing right now!)
Imelda, I'm so glad you were able to see the 'best bits' of our state here - where farming is still a legitimate way of life. We still have pockets of agriculture down in the Southern end here, but we've lost nearly half of it in the last decade. I'm praying what's left doesn't follow.
Daisy - Yes, Alice Hoffman and Barbara Kingsolver are 2 of my favorite authors, I've loved everything I've read so far, by both of them. Thanks for stopping by - come back anytime, the door's always open! And I'm usually a lot more chipper than I am tonight :-)

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