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June 27, 2006



It's summmmmertime..and the livin' is easyyyy....YEAH right... George Gershwin musta been sitting on Folly Beach ,SC drinking too many Margaritas when he wrote that ! ha! It is awful here as well. It's only in the 90's though with 100% of that lovely humidity! I am with you on all the COOL ideas ,Sistah! Pamela hot and sweaty in South Carolina head!!


Yeah love your ideas on keeping cool. I don't know why you can't see the pool on my page it SHOULD be right beside the Goddess. I can see it wonder if anyone else can. Checked on DH's computer so I wouldn't be signed in to see if that made a difference. I could see it on his too. Soooooooo don't know where it is for your viewing pleasure. Terri(Ninnie)


I say - dance in the rain, run the sprinkler and splash around in the tub as much as possible!


I love the frozen bra idea.


What an inspiration you are.
This post could easily develop into a book. How about it?


I am so ready to tape this up on the fridge. LOL Very cute!


You are hilarious, Tinker-love! Why is cranking up the AC not an option? ;) Yes, there are days where it's easier to stay in the store by simply contemplating the unease of a broiling hot car. And YES on the cold foods. Will email you my favorite easy cold salad recipe ASAP.

And I think frozen margaritas should definitely be on the list! And frozen coffee drinks!


Samantha - Apparently I forgot to mention that the air conditioners in both the car and the house are BROKEN! And repairs aren't in the budget for awhile - Aaah!!!
Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I'm contemplating re-doing this journal page as just a "Woman's Guide to Surviving Summer" since, upon reflection, you don't have to be menopausal to be knocked out by the heat!


You are not kidding that it's way too hot! Thank goodness that it finally cooled down today! Hope you're feeling less pain...


Great list! ;)


very good list to have hanging around! Thank you!
Here's one you forgot--get into hot tub and bake for a half hour--when you come out anything will feel cool!

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