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June 24, 2006



I want one too! There's something so magical about tree houses.


I love tree houses, too.

Paris Parfait

Well I don't know what could top tree houses, except a sailboat would be nice - on San Francisco Bay. Yep, that's the ticket - and coming home to the treehouse. :)

Great post!


Tinker, I used to think I would love to live in a treehouse. But this morning I found a LARGE (well, medium large...ok, ok, medium small but with long legs) black spider in my bedroom. I think she may have been housekeeping behind the dresser. She doesn't live there any more! That ended my treehouse wish! :) (No, I didn't kill her, as long as she didn't have a red belly!) But she lives outside now in the harsh heat...no more climate control! And as for the sailboat...that sounded good until I read the paper and saw the bull shark swimming so close to shore that it could be seen by beach walkers. Sigh.....my day is not starting out right! And I was going to just relax all day..........


What a FABULOUS tree-house. Like you I love them. I've made one in every home I've lived in, telling everyone they were for nephews and friends' kids and step-grandchildren, but really they were for me.I loved the making of them and loved the sitting in them. I remember my lovely and much missed lab Gemma climbed up into one via the ten or so rungs of the ladder. She liked it up there too. The only thing for me to beat a tree-house would be a houseboat. Now that's something I've never made or been on. Maybe a project there!!
Enjoy your blog and will be back again. Cheers!!!


I love treehouses! This makes me really sad to say this...but when my Dad and stepmother bought their home (almost 30 years ago), there was a treehouse in the backyard. I never allowed myself to climb up into it--left it to the little kids. (I was already in my 20's.) And then they had it torn down. Which I STILL don't understand.


tree houses are awesome. a great way to relax and become one with nature. i'd love to build one for my daughter.


loving that tree house too!

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