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July 11, 2006



Cool story, Tinker! My favorite Hotel stay was at the Chelsea in The Village, NY!


I love this story, for some reason it touches into the thinking retrospective bit of my mind. I can just imagine you growing up..camping..

I like the facination perspective of hotel use.. I have stayed in more then I can count with hilarious results sometimes.. I'll have to jot off a few for you..lol..
Peace and Mahalo.. Kai.


Tinker really great story and memories. We spent our time camping and on the river when I was a child.

Paris Parfait

Your hotel stories are such fun to read! Thanks for sharing some of your adventures. Ah, wanderlust!Tara xo


Really a great read! We, too, did not stay in hotels/motels...too expensive.


Sometimes hotels seems slightly sad to me...of course, we've very rarely stayed at very grand hotels...so maybe that's it. I'm going to stay in a hotel this weekend, if anything good happens, I'll let you know.

Very good post, Tinker! I wish you many cool drinks and breezes...


Great post tinker.My memories of motels state-side are pretty good. In comparison to similar establishments this side of the pond, they were always much better value. But like you I used to camp.There's something very special about sleeping under canvas, especially when it's pouring down outside; that is unless you've only just managed to get the blooming thing erected and you've been soaked to the skin in the process. Steam heat!!


Great stories! As kids, we also tented most of the time, but once, at Yellowstone, we stayed in one of the lodges there -- 7 in one room! Wonderful post!


What a great looking layout for a blog... the best I have seen so far!

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