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July 13, 2006


Paris Parfait

oh, sweetie practically everyone I know is going through seismic shifts these days - must be something to do with the planet's alignments and Mercury in retrograde - or so my astrologer friend tells me. In any event, take care of YOU. We'll be waiting with open arms when you come back, eager to hear all about your latest news... Love to you! Tara xo


Take all the time you need. Enjoy your break and we will miss you but understand the need for some down time. Hope you get rid of that kick me sign real soon.

Daisy Lupin

Hello,Haven't commented on your website before but have read it a few times. There seems to be something in the air at the moment, a lot of people seem to be collecting bad vibes and having a hard time at the moment. Perhaps, it is something to do with the configuration of planets and stars. There is a definite uneasy feeling in the air. A lot of bloggers whom I visit are having sad times with their animals, either ill or old pets having to be put down. My 2 year old cat was run over three weeks ago. I think all of us have to somehow bring some positive energy being. Time to get the smudgesticks out and open windows and let out the negative. Hope you feel more positive soon. We are strong women we will work through it. Love xx


Tinker...Absolutely know what you mean. Everyone needs to take a break from time to time. You already have such a delightful site. Have enjoyed your writing and art...it's truly charming. We are all playing this game of life...What are the rules? what the heck there are no rules...enjoy your time and listen to your heart.


I do wish you luck, and space to work out your stuff, but I will say that for me, just coming out and saying "I don't know if I can keep on keeping on here" shifted something and helped me get back on track. But lots of people seem to be needing space and breaks about now, so don't feel bad if that's what you need. We'll still be around when you get back.


Don't stress. Just do what you hafta do. We love you and want you to do what it takes to be happy within. Here's lotsa hugs......and more hugs....and one more! :)


I will miss you! But it is good to take time out when you need it.

And I agree, there does seem to be something in the air.


I will certainly miss you but you must go and navel-gaze and figure life out. It's a long, drawn out process, I promise you...I am still working on it.


Sad to hear that you're feeling so low.Be encouraged to know that so many people are thinking of you and love what you've accomplished through your website here.
Will look forward to seeing you on-line again when the time is right for you.Take care of yourself.


I hope your time away - which isn't a bad idea at all, by the way - is fruitful, restful, and restores your joy and hope! Or at the very least, you'll be able to remove the 'kick me' sign! Be well, lovely tinker!


I love your positive attitude. It shows through in all you do:)
It seems most bloggers need a time out every once in a while. That makes sense as we all need to refill the well in different areas of our life.

I have been thinking about how we all keep saying that blogging is not our real life. I say it too. But I am shifting...
I think if you are honestly vested in blogging for the connections (and not a popularity contest) blogging is a lifestyle. one that can help you!!!
I wish searching for the answers was easier. Blogging does sometimes drain our time. Even when we are not posting....sometimes I don't find what I am looking for in the blogospher, but Mostly I do.
I hope when you come back to this page and your community you find a post that seems to be written just for you.


Is Mercury in RETROGRADE? Are the Dog days of summer here early?? So many of my friends (& me) seem to be having a time of it with stuff!!! You know we all love you and wish you happy peaceful days!Funny, My blog today was entitled "Always take care of your self!" Pam Aries


I know you are off line for a while, but I gotta tell you I understand! It is so hot..HOT here that I want to go hide somewhere cool and dark and never come out till October! Pam Aries

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