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July 26, 2006


Paris Parfait

I've always been a big believer of "signs and portents along the way." :) Thanks for sharing these unusual sights! xo


Tinker I came by to say hi and catch up on my reading!


That's so funny. We have goats that cross here...but no warning signs. It's fun to teach a teenager how to drive when a herd of goats jump out.


Tinker, your signage makes for interesting website reading. You're so clever! Yes, it looks like a mule to me, too. Once when I was in Las Vegas and driving to CA, just in side the state line we came across a herd of wild burros in the desert. "Oh, how cute", said I. "Lets stop!". So we did, and duh me, thinking I could get close and take a really, really good picture, (maybe even pet one???DUH!) walked towards this herd of about 6 or 7 little burros, when suddenly the last one in the back stopped, turned and looked at me, and started walking slowly toward me while the rest of them went on. Obviously, he was the male and the others were his harem. He was going to make sure I did not get any closer! I hightailed it back to the car, because the closer he got the faster he walked and the meaner he looked! He sure was not wondering if I had a sugar cube!! Sigh....I did get a pic, but they were so far away it was hardly worth it. Didn't have a zoom back then. Moral of this story is: those burro signs mean stay in your car, dummy! LOL


This is odd...to see a sign for a donkey...hmm...


You might not think you are seeing portents but yesterday I bought one of Andrea (Colouring Outside The Lines and Small Art) pictures and it was called "Bird Sign"


So I think there is a message in there somewhere...

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