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July 30, 2006



Ah..Tink...I so enjoy reading your blog! It is a little vignette of life as it happens1 I felt as if I were there in the outdoor theater! BTW, it's 7:30 am and it's below 90 ! Wheee pamelalala

Paris Parfait

Terri, this is a beautifully-written post. I love your ode to the clouds and to the America that's in our collective unconscious - as well as the salute to great musicians and performers and those who make it all possible. Just lovely!

Daisy Lupin

Oh what a wonderful event you have just described. I do wish I could go to something like that, what a wonderful community occasion, and the extra thrill of being able to sing out loud corny old songs, which I love. Bliss! What foresight and inspiration that lady who was the originator must have had. Love xx

Tickled Pink/Nicole

Few things say summer to me as much as outdoor concerts. I can remember being a little girl growing up in the country and dancing unbridled for hours. Wish I was there to go with you!


My bible is written by clouds, I love your blog, it's so indepth and interesting :)
Peace, Kai.


It sounds like a great time. I've developed a new appreciation for clouds this week, too.


Glad you have the clouds. Maybe they will stick around for awhile. We had some earlier and it was cooler here than it has been being. But now the sun is shining and it is feeling hot out there.


I just finished reading Patry's blog on singing if you haven't already seen it - go look here: http://simplywait.blogspot.com/
It's excellent.


Our heat has dissipated, too. What a relief. Glad things have cooled off, some, for you.


What a fantastic program! What a wonderful gift to the community...to make music available to ALL. (And great post.) And yes, here's to cooler weather...thank goodness! :)


Someday is Now, you know you don't want to wait til you're in a Nsg home before you indulge in all the put off pleasures.. Tee Hee
Whenever I say I'm saving it for a rainy day....I'm reminded 'It's raining'


As ever, a thoroughly thought-provoking and entertaining post.Loved your cloud words.


This was a fun post! You had me laughing with the visual of you on the couch with the ice. Your chat with the clouds could have been a poem. The music was the cherry on top!

Great spirit :)

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