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July 24, 2006



I love reading your memories and storys. This had me crying.

Paris Parfait

These are wonderful stories, Terri! But sad about Lady the First's demise. Such amazing dogs you've had (have)! I miss having a dog, but it's simply cruel to have one in a Paris apartment (even though thousands of Parisiens would disagree). And yes, truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes when I tell people some of the things that have happened in my life, they don't believe me - simply because my experiences differ from their own reality. Wonderful post, Terri! xo


Oh my gosh Tink. I had seen that glove-thief in our local paper a few days ago and it was a really cute story, but reading about First Lady was tearful. How precious. My little Doxie is a thief too (within the house), but always tells on herself by her "hangdog" looks and sad eyes. She KNOWS when she has been bad. My daughter came over once with french fries for my granddaughter, put them on the table and went to the bathroom. When she came out, the bag was empty. The whole bag. Need I say more? I love reading your memories (except First Lady made me teary!)


I'm sorry Ninny, Tara, Judie, if I caught you unaware. Life has a way of doing that; mixing in the sour and the bittersweet with the sweet. I sat with it for quite awhile - willing some other story to come, but once it came to the forefront, this Lifestory of mine refused to let any other words get past it. I've added a warning now at the beginning, so if others come expecting only the silly Tinker, they'll be forewarned. I wish I'd thought to do that earlier. Though it made me cry reliving it, it still (for me, at least) is a story about how no one is ever really gone forever from us. I don't think the similarities between the 2 (or just one?) are only coincidences ;) To me it's like God winking at me, if that makes any sense.
(((hugs))) to you all.


Oh, good grief, re-reading this, now I sound like some schizoid or worse, some pontificating type that thinks they've got a hotline to God! I give up!
I almost deleted the whole darn thing, but this is just one of the stories of my life, so I'm leaving it. It's my story and I'm sticking to it :)
I'll try to get out of this funky mood I'm in by tomorrow!


Loved this story, made me think of labs that I've had who were thieves...not QUITE up to the standard of yours though!!
When are you going to write a book?????


Oh and now I look at this posting I see you mention juju... I've also just bought Joy Eliz's Spirit Doll called "Good Juju" and no I've not bought anything else from any bloggers... though I have got some new wire for my pergola...

I love synchronicities...


What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

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