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July 31, 2006


Paris Parfait

As you reminded us with your story, there's a big difference between opinion and intuition. What worries me is when people who never even read a newspaper voice opinions as though they know everything "for a fact." But in fact, they're only repeating what other people have told them to think. If only more people would think for themselves!

As for you, I like the wandering road you've been traveling, with all sorts of twists and turns and diversions. But you must choose your own direction, even if that changes on a regular basis. The rest of us will be sitting back, enjoying the ride! xo


My sister and I were talking about this on the phone. I have no interaction with people who talk about polictics or the state of the world. Everyone I know (mostly) talks about FLUFF. But I like to talk about real deep stuff.
My ister said though that they (her and her husband) have some intellectual friends and that it is difficult to be part of the conversation at times.
My husband does talk with me about the real issues. But there are so many. I get my news too much from the Oprah Winfrey Show! There is a governor race this year in my state I want to be informed and make a good decision, but I am lazy when it comes to researching and reading about the candidates. i would rather blog and create art.
Rhonda's starting another 21 day challenge. Maybe I will start a new habit of being informed.


Tinker...Always enjoy your writing. You are so entertaining.Love it.


2 cents...There is no key for the cent sign! hmmmmm...what does that say? I give my 2 all the time whether anyone wants it or not! And I know I am right whether or not I have any facts!(ummm, get the picture?)must be the Aries "cusp" Taurus in me! I love reading your "column"! ooo..there are a lot of quote marks..hee hee. The bottom line is... we, in this cyber sisterhood, are all on the same page! I do agree with Paris Parfait that too many times people do not have all the facts about World problems and go on heresay!


" Where the heck should I be headed? Any ideas? I'm lost! "

You should go... whereever you want to go! It's your blog, so you choose! :)

I identify with you though... I feel like my blogs settled into a rut, and needs to go somewhere new. I'm just not sure what direction to take it in.

ally bean

tattle tale cindy and hunky brett-- were we in the same elementary school?!!

your story reminded me of my under-informed father-in-law who always says, "it's a known fact." you of course, understand the limits of what and how you know things, but many people don't. and that's how we all get into such conflicts. imho.

[i guess this is my two cents, isn't it?]

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