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July 01, 2006



Since childhood this has been one of my all time favourite poems. Thanks for helping me read it in a new way. I always just loved the rhythm and the playful language but now I totally get the strength of the bond between the Owl and the Pussy Cat. I can totally feel the strength of the bond between you and your husband too! Have a great day together.


What a sweet story! It made me tear up a little this morning! I always wanted to find a guy like that..Even though I was married, dated a lot of different guys..I never .. ..found my true soulmate! boo hooo There must have been a reason for that. Welll..that is life! hee hee Have a PEAceful day! Pam

Paris Parfait

Beautiful story of magical moments! Thanks for sharing - enjoy your sweet reunion!


Can tell by the "sleeping" drawing you are soooooo much in love! Yeaaaa!!!


Pam & everyone else - this is the light side. Every person, every relationship has its shadowside as well! Don't think we don't have our moments - where one of us sulks or fumes at the other! As many things as we agree on , there are many others that we don't. But we keep choosing each day - to try to look past each other's foibles; remember the best parts of each other, and journey on. Sometimes the owl wishes he could peck the cat on the head and sometimes the cat thinks about sinking her claws in! But then we remember we need to keep this peapod afloat!
Don't give hope - hope floats.


Beautiful drawings and a beautiful post. I love that poem, too.


This is so Charming.


Aww...this was incredibly sweet! It sounds as though you have a wonderful relationship...one that is large enough to contain whimsy.


I remember my mother reading this to me long ago. What a sweet love story wrapped up in a delightful prose!
Thanks for sharing that! I am glad to see that there are others out there who love their husband as much as I love mine!!
~ Gabi


Hi, Tinker!! I love your painting! Too cool...and so illustrative of the theme!!

Paris Parfait

I left a comment earlier, but forgot to say I love your accompanying art! Really fantastic! xo


That was great -- I love how that poem describes you and your partner.

Your artwork is also amazing.



Delightful and original. (And the kids who are visitingfor the weekend liked it, too!)


i love, love, love this watercolor painting. and i've always loved the poem, especially since i have such an affinity for both owls and pussycats. sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. :-)


Hi there Tinker - I'm vaguely attempting to catch up on blogs - I've been off-line for 17 days I think and you alone have 23 new posts according to bloglines! I wasn't going to comment but I had to on this - Jim and I had the owl and the pussy cat read at our wedding - its one of my favourites - the registrar said she wasn't all that keen on being compared to a turkey but gave permission anyway...

I love your pictorial interpretation!


Phew great read thanks! Great story about the bear!

And that 23 was an over-estimate - bloglines seems to have kept several of your drafts.


I remember this poem, although if I hadn't read your post I would have never thought of the owl and the pea in a million years.

My mom used to read me this, among other poems, out of an old hard-cover copy of Mother Goose that was practically falling apart from so much appreciation through the generations of mommas reading to their kids.

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