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July 17, 2006



GREAT to see you back!
What a time you've been having.....hope things COOOOOOOOOOOL in the days to come.


Tinker you are hilarious! You found humor in spite of everything. Which is amazing and why I love your blog. Cool luggage too....


Oh. That is so much to deal with. No wonder you were so frazzled. It's all very well for people to say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but really, with all them lemons, you deserved life to give you some sugar along with them! Or lots of sugar. I'm hoping things will settle down for all of you soon. Good to see you posting again!


Oh my goodness ... what craziness you've been dealing with! When I read your last post, I was going to say, 'You too, huh? 'cause things have been crazy around here and it seems like life is that way for a lot of folks right now ... Mercury Retrograde and all ...' but girlie, you take the cake! And the fact that you are able to find humor and to be creative with all this just totally blows my mind. I could never do that ... I would just whine and whine and whine! :-)

Sending you some cool thoughts, and hoping the dark cloud moves on -- like RIGHT NOW!


I'm right there with you girlfriend! We had the other huge CA fire, it's HOT and if you see my post under my Sunday Scribble, my car has had it. Must be in the air :) You would be fun to have a chat with in person. I like the way your mind works. Stay cool! HUGS


Glad to see you are back. Hope everything goes better for you this next week, month, year, forever. Sounds like you have had enough problems to last you quite awhile. Hugs flying your way.

Daisy Lupin

Oh poor your, isn't it just horrible when everything goes wrong at once and you don't know where to start putting it right. At least you have enought sense of humour left to post this wonderfully wickedly funny entry. I was laughing out loud. Hope things are getting sorted now, I know of the fire another blogger was talking about it, so glad it was contained. Some days the world seems to spin totally out of control and our lives with it, hope things are calming now. Love xx


Oh my gosh. I had no idea. I thought you were just taking a break. I did not realize your entire world was crashing down. Tink, you are amazing that you can write humor after, around, through all of that. I only with I had half of your constitution. I am wishing things to get back on a somewhat normal track for you very soon. Hugs to you.


I think we (in Oregon) are the only cool spot in the country, though that is supposed to change by the weekend.


Bloody hell, girl. That is a whole lot of CRAP to deal with, and it's so awfully hot, which makes things seem so much worse. I am sending you lots of good thoughts - for much to be resolved - and just hope against all hope that things get better for you, lovely one!


Praying for you, Pink. Remember mi casa es su casa, anytime.


My Heavens,Girllll...you are givin' me the vapors just thinking about all those unfortunate events!!! If I was there we would just have to get a lovely bottle of wine, pack a picnic and drive down the coast! Remember.."This too shall pass"!!! ((((Cyber hugs)))))Pam Aries


Good grief, Tinker! At least you always manage to maintain your sense of humor, which is beyond admirable. Here's hoping the tide turns in your favor soon...you could use a break...especially in all that heat.


Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.

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