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August 18, 2006



Hey, Tinker! Well, your travels aren't wasted if this is what you bring back for us. I love the pictures, and maybe I just wasn't tuned to the right frequency to pick up those broadcasts you were sending! Great post.


I am laughing!! I AM laughing! You are hilarious!By the time I get you and the 2 Judies in one room...I will be passed out from all the hooting !!!!


OMG...I just love that giant-chicken-leg dream. AND I have been doing lots of reading about dreaming lately...especially Lucid Dreaming, which I have actually done once or twice. Thanks for getting me out of my little cave. ;)


You are a riot!


Oh Tinker, as usual your stories and pictures keep my attention longer than I had planned on staying! I appreciate the pictures also because I like to see where other people live. I guess you call that an armchair, or computer chair traveler?? I do have a couple of questions tho. How did the Statue of Liberty's head get there? And who is that giant dude? He doesn't exactly look like Paul Bunyon. Rather more like my ex! Ick! And...now that you have brought up the subject of chicken legs, I have to tell you a true story (using up all your space here)...when my twins were younger they visited a farm, and brought me home...a chicken leg. Honestly, a real chicken leg. Not wanting to be a bad momma and throw it away (they were sooo proud), I hung it from a string on the kitchen ceiling light. After awhile it sort of shriveled up, and we took it down and painted its claws with nail polish, and hung it back. After another long while, and more shriveling, a fly landed on it. Now I dont know why, but this fly died there, right on the tippy end of a painted claw. And he was stuck to it (fly goo??). And that shriveled, nail-painted chicken leg with the resident dead fly lived there in mid air for a long time. I cannot remember when we finally took it down. I'm wondering now if it was the same chicken leg from your dream, looking for a home!

One more question: Have you ever wondered who Lloyd Trientino is? :)


Love it. Dreams(nightmares) can be so wild sometimes. I love reading your blog. The stories are always so good.

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