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August 09, 2006



You go girl... Hope your new blog is a great success and helps.

Paris Parfait

You are an amazing woman, taking on this task!I applaud your idea and your community spirit. I totally agree about the importance of trying to maintain a sense of community; of keeping the mom and pop stores in business. I hate it when I travel in the US and find the same homogenized chain restaurants everywhere. Where's the vision and imagination in that - or for that matter, the continuity and life of the community figured into the big picture? One person really can make a difference - and I'll be watching your new venture with interest and admiration. Bravo, Terri! Bonne chance et bonne courage, mon ami! xo Tara


Oh wow! I'm so excited. I would love to be able to get this kind of information about San Bernardino, and ESPECIALLY from you! G and I like to do local travelling, and having a guide blog to San Bernardino would be so great. It's so hard to find stuff on our own when we are new to a place. And the community-building aspect would be so good, too.


Tinker, the world is there waiting for people like you to make a difference. Go forth and write, and in your writing encourage others to consider their community, and the future of it, and the aspirations of its people and the difference one person can make when joined by another and another and another....


If I were to visit my hometown blog....I'd like to see lists all of the junk stores, thrift stores, bookstores,theatres,Bed & Breakfasts, Inns,
antique stores,parks, good food,good bars, good music,nature walks, bike paths, as well as the libraries, schools, museums and city services.
Good luck and Bravo on this endeavor. You will make a difference.


Tinker, this is a great thing you are doing! I thing Gemma is right on the money with what to put on a hometown blog! When I moved to Mt. Pleasant 16 years ago, it was so small and peaceful and quiet village with a few stoplights on the way to the beach. It began the urban crawl.... Within the last 5 years it has become a sprawling chain filled monstrosity!Bigger hiways, more malls, unGodly traffic,etc. now they are building a Super Wal Mart! Geeze, it is so sad to watch them daily clear away trees and greenspace to make way for yet another Drugstore..Do we need that many Pharmacies??? Evidently! YOU do something before it gets out of control.!!!!!


Good Luck to you Tinker girl. This is a huge endeavor, and it will be like "fighting city hall", but there will be many who appreciate it. I know the feeling also....I moved to the beach in 1986, and there was a quiet community with lots of green space and beachy homes....Today it is all high-rises and condos and all the same color and style. It is so plastic now, and the traffic is horrendous! I miss the old beach town but it all gave way to "progress". Progress meaning dollars. Good luck!

Daisy Lupin

Go for it ! Go for it! If it feels as right as you say, you need to do it. xx


Forgot to tell you. You KNOW I love the bird doctor!!!


Oh Tinker! I can feel your passion and energy through this post. This is such a fantastic undertaking and it will have a big impact--- never lose sight of the power that one individual has-- this is a great idea and I send you loads of energies of support and encouragement.


What a wonderful, heartfelt mission Tinker. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and have been disheartened too at what much of southern CA has become. People deeply need to have a sense of community and I wonder how many ills are really the result of not feeling this anymore. People who have grown up without it don't even know what they are missing but it does profoundly affect their lives nonetheless. I'm really excited for you to pursue this. You might want to study Portland as it seems to be a city that has worked hard on multiple levels to keep its roots and values alive. P.S. I get the Skinny Cow sandwiches in a plastic tube in the freezer section at the grocery store-Ralph's should have them in CA! so tasty you won't believe it!


What a terrific idea! Can't wait to hear more...


I think this is such an excellent idea!!!

I think you could probably get funding from the state to support your website...maybe a grant?

This might be alot of work. I was thinking about asking a high school senior or college student for help with justBe... (once school starts) someone who is Really into computers and maybe they could get life experience credit for helping me. I will tell you how it goes...but maybe you can get a helper too and won't feel so overwhelmed.

You could also get cards made once you have the blog ready and hand them out and ask poeple to email or comment when something is going on with their business or happenings in the community.

I wish you well on your new adventure!

Happy blogging birthday!!


I'm SO PROUD of you for doing this! I know it's totally not even close to the same...but even doing Bloggers for Darfur (which I created with Jill) gave me such a feeling of purpose...as if I were doing SOMETHING (besides just gazing at my own navel). I will give it some thought and get back to you re what kinds of things I would like to see if it were about my area. BRAVO!!! xoxo

Cookie of the Desert

Awesome idea, and it couldn't come from anyone but you! I plan to visit often.

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