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August 31, 2006



Well I wont be writing along with you two but I sure will follow along and read it, and wish you both lots of luck. I think writing a complete book is a hard row to hoe and takes a lot of determination and sticktoitivness. Well, you know what I mean! And I agree with your daughter about you wandering the canyons alone. It's sad, but this world has become a dangerous place. I watch a lot of court tv (fascinated by forensic science) and a LOT of bodies are hidden in California canyons. Be careful Tink!


P.S. Maybe it would be good if you carry some pepper spray with you when you wander to get your pics.

Paris Parfait

No safe havens anymore, my friend. Be safe and don't go out in an isolated area on your own. Too many crazy things going on everywhere. It sounds like so many things going on with you now - just take time to breathe and be. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Take care of YOU and hope you have a peaceful, relaxing weekend, away from traffic and crime scenes! xo


Another fascinating post from you Tinker...the worm hole/time warp/ out of the way direction makes perfect sense. What the Bleep?
I Want to watch the book writing process as well....so I'm interested in your project...not sure if I'm ready to dive in.


Yikes! Signs every where so be extra vigilant. Great idea on book :) Take care of yourself.


I don't see any craziness in seeing and believing in the signs we are given. So keep watching for them girl and stay safe.


Thanks everyone for your well-wishes. Don't worry - I usually DON'T step out of the jeep, this was a rare occasion, that I got out - and only because I was - well, in my own neighborhood! Usually I'm snapping photos while K's driving on the way to drop him off. Or I'll snap them while I'm stopped in traffic, or pulled off to the side for a moment, but it's from inside the jeep with the window down (but with the doors LOCKED!) I will be extra vigilant now, though.


I love your writing.

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