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August 19, 2006



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Rock, rock on.

Holly and Bonnie


pssssssttt..my name is tripp and pam aries (she thinks she's clever with that)is my mistress. i ...read her blogs all the time heheh while she is sleeping..i want to know what she is up to. your life soundssss very familiar. i have to live with 2 giant dogs but i hold my own very well. let's talk.......



I love this tender depiction of cupboard love, which doesn't seem quite so selfish anymore...


Oh, I enjoyed this so much, and Trixie, (even though felines aren't really something she usually wants to have any contact with) says she can relate to some of the points made here. Cleo really is a noble cat, an Aristocat if ever there was one.

Autrice DelDrago

Missing keys and acupuncture treatments... hmm, now I know what my cat is up to!

Daisy Lupin

I love it, I love it, your cat is just so cat!Its exactly how they are, that's just how a cat would type a blog.xx


I do believe your cat is a tad snobbish. LOL You really did a great job here Tinker, very smart and imaginative.


Our cats have similar duties...winding around the ankles 3 times... before lunch.
Mine can say "WOW MOM"


O great She Who Opens the Cans, you've taught your cat well. Very clever!

Belle at http://ringobell@blogspot.com

Hello Tinker,

I loved the post. So clever and so cat like.

Thanks for coming by my blog.



Acupuncture???? OMW you had me rolling with that one. So THAT is what Psychokitty is attempting to do when she "kneads dough" on my legs!

LOVED this post Tinker, this one should make it into your top 10 best blog posts ever!


Cats are so demanding...you should meet mine!

Miss Meep

That made me smile - thanks for a lovely post

Paris Parfait

This is so clever and funny! Well done, you (and Cleo, of course). :)


A Tinker Tale par excellence!
Purr..fectly told!


ha ha ha

oh this was INSPIRED!! wonderful, Tinker-- you nailed it.

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