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August 27, 2006


Paris Parfait

Terri, such an excellent analogy of monsters and how they came to be monsters - and how we can keep them from infecting us. It's so true that forcing them into the light makes their power diminish. Wonderfully-written piece!


This is a great take, I imagine it has to be connected with your work? Thank you so much for your comment on my struggle with smoking. The more support and cheers I recieve, I hope the fear of stopping will ease up.

Daisy Lupin

I love the idea of holding tight to your soul while dealing with monsters and dragging them into your life. We do really, as you say, have to hold tight to our souls in situations that are dangerous to us. Wonderful posting.


Bella - I was just thinking about this, this morning during my long commute -- worrying that it could be misinterpreted. No, even though there are a few who have been dually diagnosed (this means they have another diagnosis in addition to their developmental disabilities - such as schizophrenia or depression) I would NOT classify any of the people I work with as monsters. Ever. Far from it. Nor do I mean to imply that mental illness makes one a monster. And I recognize even the people I AM talking about, who chose to perpetuate or even instigate unhealthy situations - they were human. But I put monster masks on them as a youngster, and what I'm trying to do in my own clumsy way here, is to rip off their monster mask and reveal the pitifully frightened and angry little humans that hid behind those masks, and take back any power they once held to frighten me. I'm sorry I wasn't more clear.


You hit the nail on the head, my dearest Tinker. Monsters HATE the light, it makes them howl. If you dance around them and whisper facts, simple things like "Two plus two is four" and scientific formulas, you can almost bet their heads will explode.

This is fantastic writing. I hope it healed something within -


Yes I think monsters get their power from our fear.I called my step mother my step monster my whole life and when I first heard this topic I thought about writing about her. But I have already given her enough of my time. The less I think of her the less powerful she is. I use to have night mares all the time, but since I have started blogging and sort of purged those feelings I can't remember the last time I had a night mare. Her parents were so nice to us (me and my siblings) so I always wondered why she was the way she was and still is. But I do agree something had to happen to her because I KNOW we are born in light and to be loving...


Tinker, I found this a very powerful and deep piece. I love that "holding of the soul's hand" - what a concept. You have found a very true way of dealing with monsters. Thank you.


I think that you achieved what you set out to - humanizing the "monster". Well done.


Staying in the light is excellent advice.

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