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August 16, 2006



Choosing is hard isn't it, when there seems to be so much to choose from. As you said in this post, you can be so many things to so many people, multitask so many roles within your life. No wonder we have HOT flushes when we try to fit so much into the space a lifetime offers us.
You challenged me to write my book.....I challenge you to write yours. So can we find the TIME to do it????


Lovely post, so beautifully put, and the images are truly captivating. I loved that! Thank you.


Imelda - thank you for your kind words! It's so good to see you back.
Ray - I'll accept the challenge - if you will :)

Daisy Lupin

Love the post, love the picture, love the sentiments, love the Edgar quote, its all love,love,love! There is another dreaming quote I think it was in Alice Wonderland or Looking Glass, where they were all part of the White or Red King's Dream. xx


Tinker, I love your dragonfly, especially after you added the butterfly. Never saw a butterfly with sunglasses before. Clever!

Now I am going to be watching for two new books to read, huh? UGOGIRL...both of you. judie


What a perfect post for one of our yaya sisters... You go girl! You are woman, we hear you roar... Live it, love it, breath it. xox


I am A big Poe fan! He was stationed here at Fort Moultrie! On Sullivan's Island There is Poe St. and Goldbug Ave. And there's a restaurant called Poe's Tavern on the beach. I belive we can all be what we dream if we really, really ....really want it! Thank you, Tinker!


Very nice. We should all strive for the same.


I consider my self challenged!
We start from scratch? Check in with each other once a month?Give ourselves a year?
OK with you?


Tinker...this is so cool. Love it! Wow...and so true.


"I will be - the best me I can be.

And when I'm not - well, I'll try to remind myself of this post!"

Actually, when you forget to give life your best, you'll probably stumble onto a blogpost by a friend, saying something along these lines... and that light of hope will click back on, and remind you of the dreams you want to accomplish.


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