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August 06, 2006


Paris Parfait

I love this post! All the intriguing possibilities, the excitement and adventure, all leading to the present. Wonderfully-written, Terri!


Isn't it great to daydream about all the possibilities, your post captured that spirit vividly!

Daisy Lupin

That was a wonderful post. All those possibilities, so many I would have liked to have been too, perhaps, they are memories of your past lives. If so you have had some very lucky romantic lives lol! xx


Every one of your imaginary former lives sounds like a delicious novel I would eat right up...


I love it. So many choices. Let's see what will Tinker be in her dreams today.


one of the most comprehensive woulda lists I 've read...so many great possibilities. Hey..you better watch out for the people with flames in some of them though!!!!


I can tell this topic really got hold of you! LOL! What great idea's of who you might have been... That is a fun thing to wonder about. And your writing is always fun to read.



As usual, your story kept me glued. You need to write a book of short stories. Seriously!!!

Thanks for the hugs. :)


Oh the possibilites. And how endless. And in some cases, there but for the grace of God. Fascinating post.


I love all of the possibilities with bad endings! I was picturing them in my mind and most of those same possibilities would have ended badly for me too! I was NOT made for the days when women didn't have rights!

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