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September 27, 2006



Hi ms*tinker :) - already been tagged for this - about 100 times, hee, hee.
it is there somewhere in my blog! hope your day has been wonderful xox


oh I saw this on paris parfaits blog; what fun - now numerous relic? Is she 'great with child'?



Interesting....veddy interesting!

Thanks for playing!


Hmm. The closest tome at hand had this:

"Bring needle through to surface
at raw edge of motif. Insert
through edge of motif and"


Robyn, I'll have to play catch up and read back through your posts sometime!

Ascender - It is a fun meme? Have you done it yet? Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to try it...and actually it was a rather sad poem, about a mother dying :(

Roadchick - It was a very interesting little meme - thanks I think!

Soozcat - I wonder, is this a book on appliques or on embroidery or crewel?? I'm intrigued.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!


I just read my comment AFTER posting it and that was supposed to be an exclamation point after "It was a fun little meme" - not a question mark...Sorry, about that Ascender. I really need to mind my p's and q's (and especially my punctuation!)


"First, I need a disguise..."

Simply wear a white sheet and disguise yourself as a humble ghost. (Beware of pac-men...)


hehe fun. I just hate returning books I never got around to reading..but do I learn and not check out 14 books at a time? Nnnnnope.

Daisy Lupin

Sorry already been tagged for this one, and done it somewhere on my blog. I hate taking well overdue library books back I always feel they treat me with distain and give me chilling looks, and I want to say well at least you got it back. You can take me off the black list now. Its my fault I checkout 20 at a time and don't go back till I have finsihed with them all.


I bought this! Of course you get urine. LOL I'll do it tomorrow :)


Hey...I turned in my overdue library books last weekend:-)
Want to go back today and find some more!

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