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September 20, 2006



you said it girl, you said it!!

I am still holding Harriet hope as well!!!


i found a card a wee while ago that i posted to a friend of mine that read "women don't have hot flushes, they have POWER SURGES". you're just like an amazing ball of powerful energy and (though I'm not there yet) my friends tell me that entering their crone years is something they are proud of.


My mom is in her mid 60s and has often said she feels the best now she ever has in her life so I find that very inspiring how she has embraced the changes of the aging process. I also like the art you just posted!! I wish I could paint but the first canvas I have ever done is so weird. I'll post it at some point for fun but not yet!


You are the last blog I'm reading this morning. It just couldn't get any better than this! I'm off to get my work done in these high spirits and then I'm going to tackle a canvas for the first time. whoohoo! Thanks for the giggles and the inspiration. I'm still thinking about Harriet too! She'll have so many cat-tales to tell.


"When I was your age, I had to walk 3 miles in the sun to get to a sit-in!"

Hahahaha that is TOO funny!!!!!

Good luck with your studio. Sounds like my bedroom.. *sigh*


I prefer " I don't have hot flashes, I have short private vacations in the tropics." LOL

Keeping Harriet in my thoughts :)

Love the art!


That is a VERY kewl painting! Reminds me a little of my blue man workout, also bald guys, which I am getting ready to change/redo/modify...well you know, artists are never satisfied...artists are wierd. Right, huh, huh? Don't leave me all alone in that statement!


P.S. I looked at it again. I think you should find a local art center and when they have an acrylic show, enter it. It's that good! It's very intrigueing..intr..int...
geesh howEVER one spells that word.

Paris Parfait

Yes, darling, change is good. Your art is wonderful and I'm glad you're finding some time to create your art - it's good for the soul (and of course, we're thrilled to see the results). xo


Judie - you're not alone in that statement, I second it. We artists are, for want of a better word, weird! and thanks for the nice compliment.
Lisa (OceanDreamer) Amen! and thanks for thinking of Harriet.
Leonie - I love the Power Surges quote! Hope you're still enjoying our S.Calif weather during your visit.
Alexandra - I'm glad to know your Mom's in such good health and feeling better than ever in her 60's. That gives me something to look forward to, cause I'm not quite exiting my 40's yet (almost - but not yet!), and am feeling like my tail's dragging right now.
Lisa, my froggy friend - I hope it DOES get better than this for you, but thanks for the compliment - Good luck with your first canvas; have fun with it!
Jana, glad I made you laugh. And scarily enough, my bedroom's not much better than this studio right now, so you're not alone on that, either.
Tammy - I love your "personal vacation in the tropics" idea - I'm going to note that one down!
Tara, my lovely Parisian friend, thank you for your kind words. You're a sweetie.
xo to you all!


When I was younger I thought that too, that old people must feel old. But when ever I talk to my grandmother who is 96 she is EXACTLY like she was (hairstyle and all)when she was in her 60's. She is not a very positive person but i do feel like I have time to accomplish anything I want in life as all the women in my family (on both sides) live to their late 80's and 90's.


Change IS good...and art is ALWAYS healing.

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