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September 19, 2006



It's so horrible worrying about our pets. I hope she comes back to you really soon. Then you can write wonderful stories about all the places she's been.


It's really sad that you haven't found Harriet yet, but as a piece of writing I have to say that I love this post and all its intriguing ideas. If only a Google search really could turn up lost pets and other loved-ones...


oh i hope you find her. cat's are a big part of my life too. mybe after she's done all the stores and had her hair and nails done she'll be back. fingers crossed!


I will send up a quick little prayer for the safe return of your Harriet. Lost pets cause such heartbreak and distraction. Loved your comments about how she hairs the sweaters and clean clothes. Our theory is that cats shed most significantly their hairs that are in contrasting color to what they are lying on.


oh how I feel your anxiety about Harriet....I didn't know she was such a fashion icon so perhaps she's making her way to NY for fashion week....they don't call it the "cat"walk for nothing. (sorry, just wanted to make you smile a moment). She's out there, she's probably scared and she may just be trying to get her barings straight to get home. Miss Daisy says "don't ever give up"!!


It's ok to help lighten my mood, Lisa, everyone, thanks. Something I've only recently come to realize through blogging, is that the more I'm in a panic mode, the harder I try to find humor and lighten myself - I guess it's sort of a self-comforting thing. So thanks for helping me find 'en-lightenment.' Speaking of en-lightment, my purse became very en-lightened yesterday, when my little digital camera got lost, too! I've been calling the places I went and no one's found it. Perhaps its doing fashion photo shoots for Harriet. I wish it would come back, too; I don't know how I'm going to replace it. :(
But I'd sacrifice it, if she'd just come back. I have weird ideas sometimes about the Universe and let my imagination run wild.
Thanks for the support everyone.


If it makes you feel better, the last time my little Psychokitty escaped, she was gone about a week. But then I found her, and life went back to normal. (or as normal as life can become when you own a psychotic kitty cat and her 2 demon-spawned kittens LOL)


Aww, I hope you find her. It is so hard to wonder if they are okay.




Maybe she is just out looking for a boyfriend. Our male cat goes missing for about a week or 2 at a time and then comes back like he has not been gone at all. Hope that is all it is and she will be back soon.

Paris Parfait

Oh, Terri I'm so sorry she hasn't turned up yet! I'll keep an eye out for her here. Maybe she's gone off with a beau and will be back, once the honeymoon is over. You've written such a sweet piece, despite your obvious sadness. Sending you a big hug, my dear friend.xo


Terri...I hope Harriet returns soon! Darn, girl..you have gone through a LOT lately! My friend had a cat who was gone for 8 months and came back as if nothing ever happened!!!


Hoping that Harriet comes home soon with a fat belly looking for a "nest". (((HUGS)))


Oh Tink! I have a calico too and she will come home soon. They know where they had it best :)


I'm hoping as I make my way through your posts that Harriet's going to turn up...I'm wishing for a happy ending...

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