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September 02, 2006



3-day weekends are my favorite thing, too! Happy holiday. :)


Yay for three day weekends! Already we've cleaned up the kitchen, vacumned, dusted the ceiling fans, and we're on round two of the Endless Saga of Our Laundry!

Pharoah's Lost Kingdom looks amazing. I would love to go there, too!


huzzar for three-day weekends and Pharoah's kingdom! Your drawings are beautiful.


Hey Tink! Happy Labor Day...No laboring! ha!


What a beautiful painting - the pharoah's face made me look twice to see what it was at first! I'm glad you explained where it was!! Happy Labour day to you!


Beautiful Tinker art :) Enjoy your three days!

Daisy Lupin

Enjoy your long holiday weekend, forget the cleaning, you can catch up another time. I do like the watercolour of the park.


Hello, dearest Tinker! So sorry I've been absent, but work has eased up and I'm catching up! Thank you, as always, for your lovely comments. So much happening here in your world! Granddaughters and pets and wildfires and horrific commutes and scary tragedies and strange occurrences. All I can say is, life is certainly not dull in your world! Sending you big hugs and hope you're enjoying the 3-day weekend. (I've missed two "Favorite Thing Saturdays" now...hope to catch up next week.)


WONDERFUL painting!!!


As always...I dig your words and art.
Have a great holiday

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