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September 24, 2006



Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" your mantra...it's a terrific end to a wise and inspirational set of instructions :-)
(btw...you had me at "let's eat")


I equally like your first three phrases;
I love you
Let's eat
Once upon a time

I also like the phrase

Leap of faith

and of course I am partail to

Be Alive Believe Be You :)


definitely words to live by.....because everything has to have a start someplace, somehow...and the joy is in seeing where it takes you.
Once upon a time I met a blogger who always had wonderful things to say...... :)
happy sunday


How apropo your blog is for me today. I have been feeling absolutely BLAH. Not creative at all...feeling sorry for my poor pitiful self,sitting here like a lump on a log..etc. Now..I feel I could draw one line...just one..and maybe...one more....:)


It may be unoriginal, but no less profound. If Sunday Scribblings has taught me anything it's just keep bloody writing and don't give up.



I am back to say... I did it! I made something! Your instructions worked! I MMMMADE myself take that first step, believe me ..I went kicking and screaming, but I felt so much better after I finished one little ATC!

Paris Parfait

Your instructions are the best and therefore the most memorable - the three key phrases are excellent - and the instructions for writing provide the (temporary) illusion that writing a book isn't such a big deal. You're such an inspiration, Terri - even when you're tired! xo


First of all, just because Danny has a similar idea doesn't makes yours unoriginal. I love this! Love the idea of 'building' with words...of laying a foundation. Here's to a great year of building your novel!

Daisy Lupin

Love that idea, of one word or one brush stroke. Keep up the writing for that damned book. I will be watching your word count. You never know if you eventually do it, you might even inspire me to enlarge on one of my sunday scribblings. xx


Remember the old Christmas cartoon? "Just put one foot in front of the otherrrr." It's great advice. I like your stones very much and enjoyed your "scribblings." :)


ohhhhh must try your instructions.


I love this idea! Words carry so much power. I love just having words around like that, just to see what they make you see and feel.
Good post!



I loved your post Tink! You are wise even when tired :)Congrats on the word count...woohoo!


The journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step...don't know who said that originally, but so true.
Love this post, the rocks, the words, the phrases and
your mantra seems to be working.


always a pleasure to return to you blog and click on the assorted art icons. A treat everytime.


great idea those stones! I have been wanting to make myself some runes but didn't know what to use - these stones are perfect.
we can buy them here in our local crystal shop with words on them already. I have a few here and there around my home - the words I have are :
believe, trust, faith.
I also had a larger one in my garden a few years ago - patience. which was perfect for me :)


Your post reminds the 'chick of something she read in Stephen King's book, On Writing.

An interviewer asked him how he wrote his books (or stories) and he replied, "One word at a time."

How very true.


Hmmm... *borrowing the mantra, and tweaking it to read "one piece of crap at a time"* Hopefully this mantra will produce a cleaner house. But don't hold your breath. LOL

Love the rocks!!! That's an awesome idea for the grandgirls!

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