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September 14, 2006



I'm so sorry. :( He looks so sweet. I hope Harriet comes back really soon.


So sorry to hear of you loss. Hope Harriet shows up real soon. Sending you many hugs and thoughts across the miles.

Paris Parfait

Oh, sweetie! So sorry about Mr. Bear! What a wonderful time you had with him! Hope your kitty returns soon. Sending a big hug! xo


I am so sorry to hear about this loss. I liked having a chance to get to know Mr. Bear a little through your posts. Take care of yourself.


Oh, Tinker. He looks like a dog with real personality in that photo. I hope your cat is safe. I'd go spare if my cat got lost...


I am so sorry about your dog, I absolutely know this kind of pet-related heart break. I hope your cat returns soon! I will have Miss Daisy Cat send out some kind of psychic cat message to her to GO HOME!


My heart goes out to you with sympathy. Mr. Bear was an important member of your family. I am so sorry.


Tears flowing and my heart is holding yours. My Manny will go soon and I don't know what I'll do without him.

Big hugs!

Kitty come home!


oh how sad sad sad-- kitty come home! and sending you lots of good energies to get through the days and weeks ahead without Mr. Bear.


I'm sorry. I'm sending you a virtual hug across the internet.


Thanks everyone, for your supportive, kind comments -- they mean so much to me. As of right now, Harriet's still AWOL. I'm trying to not think the worst. I keep telling myself, there's still hope. I'll let you know if/when she turns up.


Oh Tinker - I am very sorry about Mr. Bear and I'm holding positive thoughts your kitty will return - you must be so sad - I'm sending you hugs.


Been checking out your shenanigans. So kewl you have such a good friend! You are gorgeous...leave you hair just like it is! :)


I am sending you a huge hug through these cyber waves. My best friend and her mom too are both dealing with so much pet loss this past year-disappearing cats, an aging dog....Pets truly become a part of our families and its so hard to accept when something like this happens. Just know plenty of love and prayers are being sent your way. xo

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